The Ten Suggestions

In the second section of the video, beautiful and surprising images illustrate the Ten Suggestions for Enjoying Goddess Grace which double as guidelines for a more satisfying life.

The Ten Suggestions

1. Do Only What Feels Right.
2. Expand Your Awareness.
3. Create What You Need.
4. Enjoy Yourself.
5. Know You Are Wonderful.
6. Unfold Your Potential.
7. When in Doubt, Breathe and Relax.
8. Honor Variety as the Spice of Life.
9. Use Your Imagination.
10. Remember, You Are the Goddess.
So is Everyone Else.

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Here’s a song I wrote to help you remember the 10 suggestions:

The Ten Suggestions

We will never tell you what to do
Or how to live your life.
But we have a few suggestions
That could minimize your strife.

We’ll give you some ideas
We’ll help you make a start.
But in the end you’ll have to find
Your own path with a heart.

So start with number One.
It will lead you to the light.
For you and all around you
Do only what feels right.

The second step will help you
Build a world of peace and fairness.
Pay attention to what’s happening.
Expand your awareness.

The third step is a magic one
Intention is the seed.
When you notice what is missing
Create what you need.

The fourth step is a crucial one
More precious far than wealth.
You can have the world you dream of
If you just enjoy yourself.

The fifth is very simple
Let your wonder make you full.
Know your essence is in everything
Know that you’re wonderful.

The sixth step turns your visions
Into something more substantial.
Be the truest and the best in you
Unfold your potential.

The seventh keeps you centered
In the midst of all you’re acts.
When you’re clear, step forward boldly.
When in doubt, breathe and relax.

On the eighth step look around you
At the vast array of life.
Each creation finds it’s own way to
Honor variety, the spice of life.

On the ninth step know your kinship
With the author of creation.
The life force flows right through you when you
Use your imagination.

The tenth and last suggestion
Is the fast track to the true self.
Just remember you’re the Goddess.
And so is everyone else.

We give you no commandments.
That only leads to strife.
We just offer Ten Suggestions
To help you live your life.

We never give commandments
That always leads to strife.
We just offer Ten Suggestions
To help you love your life.

© 2008 Betsy Bickel